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Regular Maintenance
​We recommend that you have your boiler serviced at-least every 24 months to ensure that all components are working properly. Depending on the age and condition of your boiler our technician may recommend yearly service. The technician ensures your boiler is installed properly, structurally intact, that all safety devices work, and tests your system for carbon monoxide leaks. As a homeowner or renter, you can also install a carbon monoxide detection unit near your boiler to make sure it's not leaking. These devices are relatively inexpensive for the peace of mind they can bring.

​Integrity Boiler Services also includes a Combustion Analysis on Boiler Maintenance Calls.

Boiler Pressure
​It is important to check the pressure on your boiler regularly. All boilers are fitted with a pressure gauge, usually located on the side of the unit or inside the front panel. For small house hold units, the pressure should only be around 12 psi. to 15 psi. Larger houses with more stories will be around 18 psi. All boilers are required by code to be equipped with a pressure relief valve that is set at 30 the manufacturer. If the pressure goes over the 30 psi limit, the relief valve will open to relieve the pressure. If this happens, call a qualified professional. 

Boiler Care
​Take simple preventative measures to keep your boiler running efficiently. Check the boiler room regularly to make sure it's clean. Make sure to sweep out dust so that it doesn't get inside the boiler fans or clog burners. Make sure not to clutter the boiler room, your boiler needs space to breathe. In the event of a water leak this gives you the opportunity to discover the problem before it creates water damage.